Student life

1-Career orientation

The Centre for Career Counselling and Professional Orientation (Maison de l’Orientation et de L’Insertion Professionnelle–MOIP) is a service of the University of Tours which offers the possibility of meeting with counsellors specialising in the following areas:

  • Orientation, pursuit of studies, programmes open by selection, change of orientation
  • Searching for an internship or student job, meetings with professionals, preparing for an interview, developing a professional network…
  • Creating a business, obtaining the designation of student-entrepreneur, developing your business

“Rpro Le Réseau” is a service managed by the Centre for Career Counselling and Professional Orientation (MOIP) which permits you, by means of its internet site:

  • to find offers of internships,
  • to find offers of employment,
  • to put your CV online,
  • to contact the network of former students of the University.

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2- Culture

Thanks to its Student’s Cultural Passport (Passeport Culturel Étudiant–PCE), the Cultural Service of the University (service culturel de l’Université) encourages you to cultivate your curiosity by profiting from:

  • a range of cultural sites in Tours and Blois and their special offers for holders of the “PCE”.
  • reductions greater than regular student prices.
  • activities specially reserved for holders of the PCE: unusual visits, private rehearsals, etc.
  • performances scheduled throughout the year by the Cultural Service at especially advantageous prices.

All through the year, the PCE also offers you access to the annual programme of the university’s on-site theatre (salle Thélème), workshops in artistic techniques directed by professionals,  an artist in residence, the University Theatre (Théâtre Universitaire de Tours), a cycle of Wednesday lectures (Les Mercredis de Thélème), competitions and advice to associations concerning cultural projects.


3- Sports

The University Service for Physical Activities and Sports (SUAPS) takes part in the education of students through sports activities integrated into course offerings as optional choices (Unités d’Enseignements Libres). But it also contributes, by providing its Pack’sport, to the development of student life. Taking the form of a card and a booklet of information, the Pack’sport is the indispensable guide to your sporting life on campus!

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The Pack’sport allows you:

  • to have access to the greatest possible number of sports activities,
  • to be present at sports evenings, training sessions and weekend  events,
  • to participate in competitions,
  • with participating organisations, to benefit from special prices more attractive than regular student prices.

4- Health

The professionals of the University Health Service  (SSU-Service de santé universitaire SSU) are available to students of the University of Tours, and establishments participating through agreements, to respond to needs regarding:

  • individual consultations—preventive but also providing treatment—following the opening of the Tours health service
  • collective prevention (prévention collective) through initiatives undertaken by teams comprising health professionals and the students’ health-liaison group (ERS- Etudiants Relais Santé
  • measures providing assistance with various situations of handicap.

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5- Students as citizens

The University of Tours encourages students to become involved: the general policies of the institution, pedagogy, student life on-campus—these are all areas in which to participate in the development and adoption of  university-wide decisions. Through this experience of active citizenship and the values it promotes, students develop as reflecting members of society prepared to confront contemporary issues.

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6- Student association activities

The University of Tours supports student associations concerned with sports, citizenship, the environment, artistic culture, and collective social action.
A total of sixty associations are officially recognised (“associations étudiantes de l’université de Tours”). Participating in these offers the opportunity of engaging in campus life as well as of meeting other students, opening up to what lies outside, becoming part of it, etc…

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7- The Languages Resource Centres (CRL)

Whatever your level, you can come and work on languages at the CRL as a student either in the initial stage of your programme or as part of continuing education. A team of tutors and teachers will accompany you in your learning and guide you in using the numerous resources available to you.

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8- International student mobility

To spend time in a foreign country in the context of one’s studies or internship is an exciting experience encouraged by the University of Tours. Thanks to agreements with institutions within and outside Europe, the University has put in place exchanges which permit students and interns to evaluate and develop their linguistic skills, to discover a new culture, but also to develop capacities appreciated by their future employers, such as initiative, independence and the ability to adapt to new situations.
Discover the various foreign opportunities for study and work-study: