Heritage Intelligence Students’ Association (ADEEP)

Founded in 2018, the Heritage Intellgence Students’ Association (ADEEP) brings together students of the Graduate School in Heritage Intelligence for one-day conferences, visits to the various heritage sites and other events. The association, open to all the students enrolled, aims to facilitate integration into the different pedagogical programmes, as well as interdiscipinary exchanges, by means of numerous activities, beginning in September 2019:




  • Orientation evening
  • Workshops in conference preparation
  • Tutoring relationships between M1 and M2 students
  • Establishment of an alumni network

The current executive of the ADEEP

  • President: Aymeric Gaubert
  • Vice-president: Kenan Oudin
  • Secretary: Gretchen Courseau
  • Assistant Secretary: Sophie Almonacil
  • Treasurer: Marine Gusseau
  • Vice-treasurer: Mathilde Huber